Pinay Celebrities who Posted Photos of their post-pregnancy bodies!

A lot of woman who gave birth becomes fat or their body significantly changed because of it. It is hard to hear that not because you derelicted your body, but you are too busy on your baby. This is just a part of being a woman, there is nothing you can do about it but be mentally strong because of the people who will judge you because of your post-pregnancy body.

True enough, a womans body is indeed incredible in the way it can be molded. And with that, a lot of stars have been showing their post partum transformation. See these celebs below!

1. Michelle Madrigal
Michelle gave birth to Anika last quarter of 2017. In nearly 2018, she flaunted her post-partum body to inspire all mothers out there to be comfortable with the changes brought about their childbirth.

2. Bangs Garcia
Bang’s latest musings on Instagram are about her experiences before giving birth. She shared compiled snaps of herself taken before pregnancy, during pregnancy and 7 weeks post partum.

3. Ruffa Mae Quinto
The sexy comedian welcomed her daughter Alexandria to the world in February 2017. How did she lost 40 pounds after giving birth?

4. Kylie Padilla
Kylie gave birth to baby Alas last August 2017. Her post maternity frame serves as a message for everyone to quit body shaming.

Source: GMA Network

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