Sunshine Cruz Reportedly Lost P2 Million Pesos To A Friend

Kapamilya actress Sunshine Cruz reportedly devasted after an incident happened to her. The actress is currently a part of the hit series “Wild Flower” and she is currently overflowing with projects. 
 According to a report from Abante, the actress has been devastated after losing a whopping P2-million to a friend who didn’t return it on the said date.

Sunshine has lost the money to a friend who promised to return P1-million on December 22 and the balance on December 28.
Sunshine reportedly said in a post: “A friend will never do such a thing. I think I’ve given her enough time to return/settle what is mine..”
The report showed the conversation between Sunshine and the unknown friend, which the actress herself allegedly posted on Facebook. Sunshine was referred to by her friend as “Shine” and since even the nickname of the said friend was never mentioned, the actress herself might have redacted it from the conversation for the sake of keeping her friend’s identity hidden.
Here is their exchange of conversation:

FRIEND: “Shine deliver ng load 1 pm today sayang din un dec.28 bonus.”
Sunshine Cruz: Gagalawin ko pambili ng car. Nakalaan sa car pero I really need to have the whole amount sa 28 kaya ba? Maipit kasi ako sa reservation ng sasakyan.”
Friend: “Oo sure Shine ikaw pa? Oo kasi bonus un. Kung kaya mo 2million sayang din 120k may collection ako sa 22 unahin ko ipadala. 
Sunshine Cruz: 2M?
Friend: Oo kaya mo?
Sunshine Cruz: Sige pambili ko ng Montero sayo muna para masaya pasko ng mga tao ko. Dec. 28 promise. Thank you. “
Friend: “Oo promise. Dec. 22 ipadala ko 1million tapos 28 naman ang 1million at profit para maganda new year.”
Based on their convo, the friend promised to return the P2 Million in two installments. Out of trust, it could be gleaned that Sunshine lent her the whole sum with a caveat that it must be returned on the promised day as she would be using it to buy a Montero car. 

Meanwhile, Actress Aiko Melendez reacted to Sunshine’s post and supported Shine’s decision to seek legal action.

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