These 5 Everyday Habits Are Causing You to Gain Weight

It’s no secret that eating healthy and exercising more are the keys to a successful weight loss, but those aren’t the only things that factor into a healthy lifestyle. 
Most of us just don’t understand that our normal everyday habits can thwart us from getting the body that we want. Did you know that each one of us has some or other habits that contribute to weight gain? 

Take a look at these everyday habits that could be sabotaging your body goals:

1. You Sleep too much

Getting enough sleep is essential, but did you know that too much sleep can be just as bad as not getting enough. Oversleeping is linked to diabetes and heart disease. According to a recent study, snoozing for more than 10 hours a night can result in a higher body mass index.
2. Skipping Breakfast

 If you are one of those people who skip on daily breakfast, you are messing up your metabolism. When you eat breakfast, it increases your energy and lowers the stress hormone. Eating breakfast can make it easier to cut calories for the rest of the day.
3. You don’t make your bed

According to US National Sleep Foundation, people who reported making their beds also reported better sleep. This may sound strange, but it’s true and after all healthy sleep is the optimal way toward a healthy weight.

4. Ignoring your morning cup of water

Water helps your body maintain proper balance. A glass of water first thing in the morning will kick start your body. This also fills up your belly so you’re less likely to overeat. 

5. You get ready in the dark

Make it a habit to open the roller blinds or curtains instantly after waking up. It has been discovered that the blue light waves from the early morning sun lift your metabolic rate and aid your body to get geared up for the day. Even 20 to 30 minutes of sunshine is enough to impact your body mass index.

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