This Girl Transformed Herself Into a Hot Chick After a Heartbreak! ‘Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Nagpapayat!’

We all know that pain can really make a person change. A single heartbreak could either make you or break you. It could also create a huge impact in your life. We have a story here that tells everyone how pain makes people change for the better.

A woman shared her story on social media who proved that a heartbreak doesn’t just change a person in a negative way, but also in a positive way.

A Facebook user named Chang Tadano had posted her story of how she transformed from a chubby girl to a hot chick after she had a painful breakup.

Chang revealed that from her 65 kilograms, her weight was cut down to 48 kilograms in just a matter of seven months.

On her Facebook account, she posted several throwback photos and recent photos that showed her mesmerizing transformation from a chubby woman to a hot and fit lady.

However, her transformations aren’t the only thing that captivated netizens’ attention, but also the story behind her transformation.

According to Chang, she decided to change her appearance after she experienced a heartbreak and focused on improving herself in just seven months.

Here’s her secret:

“Hindi ko sinabing SEXY, pero pumayat ako!

Okay, may mga nagtatanong kung paano ako pumayat. 65kg to 48kg in less than 7 months. (March to September 2016) Workout? Marami akong work out routine na ginagawa. Minsan nga gaya gaya nga lang ako sa nakikita ko sa Youtube eh. Marami akyong mase-search sa Youtube na workout routine, dipende rin sa kung ano yung target niyong i enhance. May mga Youtube channel din for fitness like blogilare, Chloe ting, fitness blender. Sayaw sayaw din pag may time!”

“Morning 9 am to 10 am, Afternoon pag nasa mood at na motivate (Gym more on cardio lang) 3pm to 4pm (once or twice a week). At home 3pm to 4pm, 5 times a week. Oh diba pang patayan!”

“Food and drinks? Water water water and lemon water!

Green tea.

No rice

No white bread

No Oily foods

No salt

No sugar

No preservatives

No pork

No crackers

No Soda

No flavored drinks

No dairy foods

No Fast foods

No alcohol

Yes to Veggies and Chicken, fish! Yun lang kinakain ko.

Cheat day! Once a week (Wednesday)

Importante ang breakfast, lunch (12 pm) dinner (5:30 pm)

Ito lang po yung ginawa ko nung nagpapayat ako.

Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Nag papayat? Arte may ganun pa eh!

At the near end of her post, she revealed that she’s definitely one of those who fell in love, experienced a painful heartbreak and decided to improve herself.


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