5 Signs Man Cannot Make His Woman Pregnant

We tend to think that if a couple is not getting pregnant there must be a problem with a female partner. But sometimes, there is just a much of a chance that the problem is with the male partner or even both partners.
It is important to have both partners get infertility testing. It is common for couples to experience issues with infertility. Many of these couples have no symptoms. They don’t have any reason to suspect they may have infertility until they start trying to conceive. Infertility can be treated provided you notice symptoms earlier on and seek medical help.

Here are some of the alarming signs of infertility in men you should be aware of:

1. Testicle pain or swelling

There are several different conditions that could lead to pain or swelling in the testicles.Many of which could contribute to infertility. Always examine the health of your testicles whether there is a certain tension, swelling or even a lump because this could be a sign of varicocele. By ignoring this, you are cutting down on your chances of becoming a daddy.

2. Low sperm count

Low sperm count is among the alarming signs of infertility in men because if the sperms are insufficient it will not help the egg to fertilize into an embryo. If you have been having unprotected intercourse for about a year and still trying to have a baby, then you are suggested to take a test to ensure your sperm count isn’t low.
3. Problems maintaining erection

A man’s ability to maintain an erection is often linked to his hormone levels. Reduced hormones mat sometimes may result, which could potentially translate into trouble conceiving.
4. Low Desire to make love

  If you have a low desire to make love or you never initiate lovemaking with your partner, you have a cause of concern here. This is among the definite signs of infertility in men. If your testicles are not producing enough testosterone to stimulate you enough to have an intercourse, you need to fix an appointment with your doctor. 

5. Difficulty in ejaculation

This is a rather common sign of infertility in men and it is referred to as an ejaculation disorder. In this condition, either you ejaculate in fits and starts or very low amount of sperms come out when you do. Sometimes retrograde ejaculation could be a cause for difficulty in ejaculation because this condition draws the semen backward to the bladder than out of it. Some medicines are responsible for giving you this condition, while it can also be a neutral problem.

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