Carlos Agassi Finally Breaks Silence For Allegedly Sending Out Texts Hitting On Women

Actor Carlos Agassi finally breaks his silence after a Facebook page called him out for the allegations about hitting on women through text message and for other claims testifying the allegations.
According to the Facebook page called RBreezy, the actor has been called out after he allegedly sent out text messages to women and hitting on them. This page posted screenshots of an alleged conversation between the actor and women whom he contacted randomly.

There were screenshots included in the post to which shows a conversation mostly about the actor asking the woman to meet with him and the actor asking for their numbers.

Some other women also claim that they have gone through the same experience with the actor. 

Now, Carlos Agassi finally breaks his silence on these allegations. The actor took his Instagram account to answer the allegations to which he initially apologized for.

The actor stated in his caption, ” I’m a just a single man living life and hopefully I find my soul mate ? Funny thing most of the women there are the ones who messaged me and they just screenshot what makes them look good ?some stories u hear may be true? or may not be true enjoy and o what makes u happy. God Bless u all, p.s learned a lot from this so to all the people direct messaging me sorry would love to meet u but can’t baka mamaya u just wanna be famous ? Kanye Famous. Love u peace out, just making fun of the stupid situation I put myself into.”

“I’m only human and a man, so again thank you and if the people I care about are affected I’m sincerely sorry, didn’t want any of u to get hurt,” Carlos added. 

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