Grab Driver Who Just Return A Lost IPhone Was Beaten Up By His Passenger

A Grab Driver is asking for justice after he was beaten up by his passenger for returning he left inside the car. 

The Driver named Kiel Nigel Yabut sought the help of police and also shared the incident on social media, posting photos of himself after getting attacked by the passenger named Jinno John Simon. 
Yabut narrated the story of how he picked up the passenger at 12:21 AM on February 9, 2018, and brought him to his destination to Kamuning. Yabut drove home afterward but he found the iPhone left by the passenger inside his car. 
He then immediately called Grab to seek help in contacting the passenger so he could return the phone in the morning. Yabur was able to talk with Simon on the phone and assured him that he will return his iPhone. 

Yabut then traveled to Kamunign, Quezon City and met up with his passenger. But instead of receiving a “Thank you”, he received countless of punches in his face. 
The passenger even asked some f his neihbors to help beat him up. Yabut said, “Noong binubugbog po niya ko, hinila niya po ko doon sa tatlong tao na nandoon, mga nagbabasura po at pinagsisigawan po niya sa mga nandon na magnanakaw daw po ako na pagtulungan ako pero ‘di po tumulong sila.”
Police Officers invited them to the police station but the passenger refused. The two agreed to settle in the Barangay. 

The passenger claimed that Yabut tried to steal the phone. He then defended his actions by saying that he tried to call Yabut a few times but the driver didn’t answer. 
Yabut was so appalled that even the Baranagy officials urged him to admit to something that he didn’t do. He said, “Pagdating sa barangay, pilit po nila akong ano… pinapaamin. Ang gusto mangyari po ng passenger humingi lang daw po ako ng pasensya at makakauwi na ko at mangako lang daw ako na ‘di ko daw siya babalikan kinaumagahan dahil sa ginawa niyang pambubugbog.”

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