Take A Look At Willie Revillame’s Mansion In Tagaytay

It’s clear that Willie Revillame is one of one of the most preferred individualities in the Philippines, and probably among the wealthiest! Willie Revillame is a star, comedian, producer as well as the current TV host of the variety show ‘Wowowin’.

Other than that fact that he is one of the richest male in the Philippines, Willie also owns exclusive airplanes, yachts, hotels and others, confirming that he absolutely has what it requires called RICH.. And also, Willie is an owner of a couple of mansions here in the Philippines.

Willie has his own residence that is located in Barangay Iruhin, Tagaytay City. His multi-storied home shows off a stunning sight at night! It was in 2010 when Willie Revillame unintentionally uncovered this home. Willie, as well as his close friend Jay Coson, drove to Tagaytay City to test drive his newly purchased Audi R8 sports car and inadvertently uncovered such residential property. Since the building is all his, he can currently take pleasure in a remarkable view of the Taal Volcano from his manor.

“Itong property na to talaga ang view naman hindi mo matatawaran. Kita mo naman, ang ganda ganda. Tapos sa’yo lang ang view na ‘yan. Wala kang kahati. Bukas na bukas ang view mo, parang kita mo na ang mundo.” The mansion boasts a huge hotel-lobby like living room, modern kitchens, an entertainment room, a huge flat screen TV, a set of Strauss audio speakers and others that will surely leave you in awe.

Aside from that, the ground floor of the house also has a personal gym that is complete with different exercise equipment. Willie’s mansion also has four bedrooms, two guest rooms, a family room and of course, a master’s bedroom. What adds beauty to the mansion are the LED lights at night that made his mansion stand out from the rest!

Source: Youtube

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