Alisin ang inyong mga tagyawat at dark spots gamit ang Guava Leaves!

Here in the Philippines, guava trees are highly revered for its efficiency, health benefits and delicious fruit. The tasty “bayabas” fruit is a healthy source of vitamin C, the small branches can be used for your oral health, and the guava leaves serve as a popular herbal remedy. If you ever come across a guava tree, then always make it a point to take home some of its leaves. Guava leaves are incredibly useful if you have minor health issues, such as an open wound or even skin blemishes.

The following are some of the health benefits of guava leaves:
1. Guava contains a potent antioxidant which can help get rid of your facial wrinkles in no time.
2. If you have persistent acne, the antibacterial properties of guava leaves can help eliminate them for good.
3. If you’re suffering from a skin condition known as atopic dermatitis, then this miracle leaf can help ease your allergy because it can halt the production of histamine compounds.
4. Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, guava leaves are also effective in treating blemishes and red spots.

Steps in using the guava solution:
– a few pieces of guava leaves
– sanitized water

Once you have all you needed, take a few of the guava leaves and crush them. Then, boil the leaves in clean water. Once the water has turned into a brown consistency, turn off the stove and set the mixture aside until it cools off. If you’re planning on using this on your blemishes, then take a cotton and use it to apply the concoction in your face. Leave it to dry for about 15 minutes then wash it off with clean water. Repeat this process twice a week for maximum results.

In case you have atopic dermatitis, use the dried crushed leaves to mix with your warm bath. This will reduce the inflammation, redness, and persistent itchiness. The following medical advice was taken from the sources provided below. Please consult a licensed medical practitioner before attempting any of the procedures cited in this article.

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