Karla Estrada, Confident na Pinainit ang Social Media sa kanyang Beach Photos!

Actress and TV host Karla Padilla Estrada, once again posed for a photoshoot and showed everyone how confidently beautoful she is. Karla was one of the most popular actress back in the ’80s and 90’s due to her acting skills, singing talent and enviable physique.

Karla Estrada is the mother of celebrity actor Daniel Padilla whom she had at age 20 where she left the peak of her showbiz career to focus on her children.

The actress has become a role model when it comes to campaigns for single motherhood and against body-shaming. Karla, who was once a “Regal Babe”, is now a plus-size woman and she is more confident than ever.

Karla has set the internet ablaze after posing for a photoshoot for a clothing line known as “Swimsuits For All”. The actress proved that she can indeed pull off one-piece swimsuit at the beach.

Karla who aspired to become an actress since childhood and joined several singing competitions has now become one of the role models for all the single mothers out there and she campaigns against body shaming by promoting body positivity.

Apart from her confidence, the actress has a genuine heat for people in need. After Typhoon Haiyan hit her hometown in Tacloban, Leyte. Karla and his celebrity son Daniel Padilla were the first ones who sent trucks of relief goods and held outreach programs.

On her “Magandang Buhay” show, Karla said,  “There was nothing wrong with classy, empowering swimwuit photo shoots. Hindi nasusukat ang ganda ng ugali sa isang tao sa hugis ng katawan.”

source: pilipinonews

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