Take a Look at Willie Revillame’s Tagaytay Mansion With The Best View of Taal Lake

Television host, singer-musician, actor, and comedian Willie Revillame owns a stunning mansion in Tagaytay that will surely leave anyone in awe. 

Willie is one of the richest and most famous celebrities in the Philippines. The actor-Tv Host owns Mansions, hotels, private planes, and yachts which prove his wealthiness. 
Willie is just a jeepney barker then before he became wealthy and now he owns several properties including his own mansion in Barangay Iruhin, Tagaytay. In 2010, Willie and his friend Jay Coson drove to Tagaytay City to test drive his then-newly bought Audi r8 Sports Car. He discovered the property and bought it and now, Willie has the best view of the Taal Lake.

The Tagaytay Mansion is now owned by Willie Revillame and he can enjoy the picturesque views that it provides anytime he wants to. 

According to Willie, “Itong property na to talaga ang view naman hindi mo matatawaran. Kita mo naman, ang ganda ganda tapos, sa iyong saiyo lang ang view na yan. Wala kang kahati. Bukas na bukas ang view mo, parang kita mo na ang mundo.”

The Tagaytay Mansion of Willie has its own modern kitchen, Mini-bar, Living room that seems like a lobby of a hotel and an entertainment room. 
The Mansion is equipped with a huge flat screen television and a set of speakers. The place has an undeniably perfect view and breathtaking scene.

Let’s take a look at Willie Revillame’s Tagaytay Mansion:

source: pep.ph
image source: pep.ph

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