Kind foreigner treats Sampaguita Street Child vendor a Pair of Shoes in a Mall

It was a great day for the hard-working employees of Nike when they witnessed a kind foreigner come in the shop to buy shoes from the store while they are near to closing. But the thing is, the shoes weren’t for him, but for a kid instead. the kind foreigner came in with the young, barefooted kid and they proceeded to look for the best pair of shoes. The generous man brought a long a haggard-looking kid who was selling Sampaguita on the streets.

The unidentified man came to the store’s assistant supervisor named Ahyan Yerro for help. It was a surprising moment to witness for Ahyan and and he immediately instructed her staff to assist the generous foreigner and his young friend as best as they can so that they can find the perfect pair.

You could see from the pictures that the kid’s dirty feet from walking barefoot in the streets trying to earn a living, was placed on a measuring device to determine the right shoe size for him. The nice Caucasian man gave the kid the option to choose from any design but the latter settle for running shoes that were also 40% off.

The young boy was hesitant to take this selfless offer because he was afraid that kids from his area would become envious and steal his new kicks. But the foreigner was persistent in helping this young kid and even asked the Nike store staff where the two of them could purchase some clothes.

As they were fitting shoes, Ahyan reminded the boy to thank the kind man for what he did. The man declined the invitation for an interview because of his tight schedule. What he only wanted was to help this young boy smile and hopefully with Ahyan’s post going viral, more people would be inspired to do the same for others who are in need.

Source: Pilipino News

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