5 Healing Power of Mayana Plant to Cure Diseases

Mayana leaf is more than just a decoration, It can help to cure illness. It’s a plant that has a lot of health benefits. Mayana leaves are brightly colored and have color variations according to the variety and shape like a heart with beautiful curves at the edges. The flower stalk protruding from the tip of its trunk. The height of the tree slobber can reach 30-150 cm, with plant stems are easily broken. This plant with creeping stems has a square-shaped container.

Mayana is rich in nutrients, then this plant has many benefits. Here are mayana health benefits that you should know:
1. For Menstruation
Mayana leaf is a good natural solution for menstruation disorders or irregular menstruation. It can help improve and correct your menstrual cycle. Try this natural solution by boiling Mayana leaves, then allow to cool and drink.
2. Relieve and Cure Fever
It has a very good property that helps relieve and cure fever. Mayana plant will help to heal and lower fever heat naturally. Make this solution by taking the stems and leaves. Boil it and allow it cool. Drink a half glass daily.

3. Treat Hemorrhoids

It can help treat hemorrhoids. A hemorrhoid is a kind of health problems that often arise because the conditions are not realized. How to use the Mayana plant to treat hemorrhoids? Take some mayana leaves and also turmeric, wipe and then boiled by some cups of water. Allow to cool and drink one glass each day. 
4. Curing and Relieve of Cough

Mayana plant can be used to help cure and relieve symptoms of a cough. It has extremely good properties and helps remove phlegm attached to the throat, so it is very effective to help relieve cough symptoms double experienced. 

5. Treating Diabetes
Another benefit of Mayana plant is to help treat diabetes. For those who may have diabetes, the leaf of mayana plant is useful for you. To process it, boil the stems, leaves, and flowers of the Mayana plant. After that, you simply drink the decoction on a regular basis to help lower your blood sugar levels.

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