Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Drink Lemon Water For One Week!

We all know that Lemons are filled with Vitamin C that is good for our health. One cup of lemon water provides a 187 percent of vitamin C that our body needs. That’s why experts recommend drinking at least 2 cups of lemon water every day to achieve its wonderful benefits. 

In this article, we are going to give you the top 5 reasons why you need to drink lemon water.

1. Lemon water improves your skin quality

Here’s the number one solution for those who worry about dry and dull skin! By drinking lemon water, this may help reduce skin wrinkling due to sun damage. They help fight damage that is caused by free radicals. So if you want a nice glowing skin just take at least 2 cups of lemon water every day for one week!

2. It aids digestion
Lemon is similar to the digestive juices found in our stomach so it helps the liver to produce bile which keeps food well digested and move through the body and in the G.I. tract smoothly. This also helps remove toxins and waste from the body.
3. It helps to lose weight
Drinking lemon water helps you lose weight because it contains pectin, a type of fiber found in fruits. This pectin fiber helps you feel full which means you’ll eat less throughout the day. Being hydrated by lemon water helps you lose that sugar and salt cravings.

4. Lemon water prevent kidney stones

Lemons have citric acid that helps prevent kidney stones. If you regularly drink lemon water, there will be an increase in citric acid which prevents calcium stones to form in your kidneys. 
5. Lemon water is a natural breath freshener
Do you always have bad breath in the morning? Did you know that by drinking or gargling a glass of lemon water reduces the odor inside your mouth? Because lemons have a strong smell that helps diminish bad breath or halitosis. 

How to prepare Lemon Water:
1. Prepare your water bottle.
2. Cut the lemon in to 4 thin slices 
3. Squeeze off the juice of the lemon and mix it to your water bottle.
4. Drink one cup in the morning and one cup after dinner.

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