Check Out How Long It Takes For Your Body to Digest These Certain Types of Food

“You are what you eat,” this is the very famous line we are always told. Digestion is a big part weight loss and its impact of is very significant. An individual’s physical health, metabolism, age, and even gender plays a big part in the exact digestion time of a person. But nonetheless, some food will be digested quickly in no time, while other food still stays in your system for a longer time.

In short and simple words, digestion time is a process when the food that you consume breaks down into smaller particles and gets transferred through your body’s intestinal system and into the bloodstream. The importance in understanding digestion time is to help a person lose weight or to maintain a body that a person has already achieved.

Quick-digesting food

Whenever a person consumes lots of quick-digesting food, he or she may observe that they are eating way more than they really should. This is because very soon after eating the food, they realize that it’s all gone and they feel the hunger again. Quick-digesting food is a type of consumable that gives you an instant boost of energy which is also called a glucose level jump. While a boost of energy may appear beneficial to the body, if your body is flooded with glucose and it isn’t getting used, the rest of it turns into fat.

Slow-digesting food

Slow-digesting food raises a person’s blood sugar levels much more slowly, providing a balanced and consistent energy. The drawback is that if you consume only very slow-digesting food, the body’s digestive system is required to always work to its full potential. It can be quite tough on the body.

Not combining quick and slow digesting types of food in one meal and avoiding consuming quick-digesting food too soon after slow-digesting food for you to not overload your stomach are suggested by specialists.

At lunch, when the digestive system is the most active, is the best time for processing both types of food. Meals for breakfast and dinner should be with products that are quickly digested so the body receives an energy boost after breakfast and stomach rest at night.

Here’s how long a food is digested in your stomach:
1. Water-Enters into the intestines instantly
2. Fruit or vegetable juice-15-20 minutes
3. Raw vegetables-30-40 minutes
4.Cooked vegetables-40 minutes
5. Fish-45-60 minutes
6. Salad with oil-1 hour
7. Starch vegetables-1.5-2 hours
8. Grains (rice, buckwheat, quinoa)-2 hours
9. Dairy-2 hours
10. Nuts-3 hours
11. Chicken-1.5-2 hours
12. Beef-3 hours
13. Lamb-4 hours
14. Pork-5 hours

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