These are the Surprising Health Benefits of Dates for our Heart, Skin and Bones!

What are dates? This kind of date is different from what you’re thinking, but it definitely is sweet. Not just that, it also provides many health benefits for the body.

Scientifically known as Phoenix dactylifera, dates are the fruits of date palm tree. Date palm trees are cultivated around the world especially across tropical areas like in the Middle East and in Western countries. Dates are popularly consumed as desserts and added to smoothies or other food as a sweetener.

Dates can be a great source of energy, fiber, sugar. Various vitamins and essential minerals can be found in dates.

Here are the Health Benefits you get from eating dates:

• Energy boost

Because of the large proportion of simple sugars in dates, being mainly in the form of glucose and fructose, energy in the body is significantly being increased. Dates help the brain and muscles have enough energy to act at a high intensity.

• Intestinal disorder relief

Dates contain many beneficial amino acids which improve the digestion of food and ensure quick passage through the intestine and stomach. 

• Heart d!sease prevention

Beneficial effects of Dates include fighting saturated fatty acids and oxidative stress that are often linked to heart issues. It can prevent atherogenesis which leads to cardiovascular diseases. 

• Cholesterol level control

Dates reduce levels of bad cholesterol LDL and raise concentration of good HDL. They also prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in the body. 

• Bone health improvement

Dates supply calcium, an essential nutrient when it comes to strengthening bones and vitamin K, an important co-factor in blood clotting and proper bone mineralization. Dates also contain magnesium, another mineral that helps to reinforce the structure of bone tissue.

• Anti-aging effects

The carotenoid anti-oxidants in dates preserve skin health, and can act as UV light reflectors, blocking the damage caused by the sun. Anti-oxidants help to prevent and slows down the damage that can be caused to other substances by the effects of oxygen.
There are countless health benefits that we may get from eating dates. In this article, we enlisted some those. Truly, dates are very sweet- not just in taste, but also in nature and for the body!

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