7 Alarming Ways Stress Greatly Affects Your Mind And Body

Our bodies are designed to encounter stress and deal with it. Sometimes a little bit of stress can motivate our body and mind to work harder. However, if one experience severe stress, it can greatly impact our health. 
Stress comes in different forms, it can be physical, emotional, or psychological. There are also different ways how to cope up with it such as meditation, exercise, rest, etc. 
Below are the ways how stress can greatly affects your body.
1. Brain

One of the symptoms you experience stress is headache. When our bodies experience stress, we tend to overthink which puts pressure on our brain. And if this extends for a period of time, it can trigger migraines and headaches.
2. Heart

When the body is under stress, our heart rate and blood pressure rises. And this is not a good sign especially for people who have a history of heart problems. Though there is still no clear evidence between the link of stress and heart attack, it is much better to focus on a healthy lifestyle and reducing stress in your life.

3. Digestive System

Stress can worsen diarrhea, heart burn and stomach cramping. It can cause a decrease in blood flow and oxygen to the stomach. 
4. Respiratory 

Sometimes, stress can bring panic attacks on some people. And in this case, they may experience difficulty on breathing, rapid breaths or hyperventilation.

5. Muscles

Muscles tense up when you are stressed and release again once you are relaxed. But if constantly you are stressed, your muscles may not get the chance to relax. And the results may cause body and muscle aches, back pain, and shoulder pain. Over time, this could set off an unhealthy cycle.

If under stress, you should find ways how to relax like having a massage, light exercises, unwinding, and such.

6. Reproductive

Stress can both affect men and women and it can exhaust your mind and body. For women, they may experience changes in their period cycle or irregularities. For men, their test0sterone levels may decline.

7. Skin

Stress does not only affect us internally. Symptoms of stress can also be seen externally. The results may appear on the skin such as acne, pimples, dry and dull skin. So people who are exposed to chronic stress are prone to these kind of skin problems. 

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