Amazing Student With Bone Disorder Graduates Magna Cum Laude Despite Her Condition

Being a college student is not that very easy. You have to comply with a lot of home works, projects, written papers, exams, thesis, etc. But what is more difficult and challenging is if that you are suffering from a condition while attending school. 
However, this student proved it all wrong. A student with a bone condition went viral all over social media after she graduated as magna cum laude in her school.
The 22 year old student from Davao City, Blissie Cervantes is not an ordinary student. She is suffering from a bone condition but despite of this, she managed to top her class and excel in her studies.
The story of this young lady is so inspiring and is a living proof that nothing can ever stop us from reaching our goals and dreams in life as long as we are determined to achieve it.
Blissie is suffering from a condition called Oste0genesis imperfecta, it is a kind of bone disorder that mainly affect the bones and results in brittle and easy to break bones.

But despite of her situation, Blissie did not allow her disability to reach her dreams and graduate with flying colors. All she had to do was to follow a simple rule, to be a very diligent student.
Here is the short and meaningful advice of Blissie to other fellow students:
“Makinig sa teacher, sundin and teacher kung ano ang requirements, mag study kung mag exam. Just love what you do dahil kung burden sa iyo ang iyong ginagawa, di mo talaga gusto pero kung isipin mong may ma-gain ka sa iyong ginagawa then magagawa mo kung ano ang kaya mong gawin.”

Blissie adviced to love what you do because if you did not think of it as a burden, it would be more easier for you to do it.
The amazing young lady was just three years old when she was diagnosed with her disorder. Her mother’s strong support and guidance also made her where she is now.
According to her school, the Holy Child College of Davao, Blissie had the highest academic excellence award.
Netizens were impressed and inspired to this brave and talented young woman who did her best to achieve her goals. And she should serve as an inspiration for other people especially students to do good in their studies. 

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