Here’s the Exact Reason Why Earwax is Unhealthy and How to Clean it Properly

Earwax? Ew! Don’t you want to get rid of your annoying earwax right now? As we’ve all known, the earwax is something that is normally desired by a regular person to get rid of. But something not all of us is aware of is that in fact, the earwax plays a very important role in the health maintenance of the ear.

What is earwax and what is its importance?

The earwax also called the cerumen, is the substance produced and released by glands in the ear canal. It has significant roles such as it cleans, lubricates, and protects the ears from having damage in the eardrum or from harmful foreign particles. It is important for a person’s health and it should also be taken care of.

When is the earwax considered unhealthy?

Having earwax is beneficial for every person but having more than necessary may cause different complications. Some people are prone to produce too much earwax. This instance is also called as “earwax buildup”. Some symptoms of wax buildup are sudden hearing loss, hearing ringing or buzzing sounds, and earache. It may lead to having harmful infecti0ns and one should consult his or her doctor when it comes to infected ears due to buildup. 

A common unhealthy instance to be experienced is “earwax blockage”. This is caused by incorrect earwax removal. 

How can excess earwax be cleaned properly?

Here is one smart tip for you: do not use q tips, cotton buds, or cotton swabs. Using these for the inner ears will only push earwax further inside the ear and may cause earwax blockage. The best tool to clean excess earwax is a clean washcloth. Simply wipe it off and you’re good to go! However, the best choice when it comes to your ear health and sanitation is by consulting your doctor. 

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